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Huis van het Nederlands

Do I have to make an appointment for Huis van het Nederlands?
Yes. We are open the whole year round.

For information:

 Monday                     9:00 am - 4:00 pm                -
 Tuesday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm 6:00 pm - appointment
 Wednesday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm -
 Thursday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm -
 Friday  CLOSED -

"Antenne Zuidrand" is closed during school holidays.

How long does an interview take at Huis van het Nederlands?
The interview takes half a day.

Is Huis van het Nederlands a school?
No, but you can enrol at a school to learn Dutch through Huis van het Nederlands. We will help you find the school that best fits your needs in terms of location, lesson time (daytime or evenings) and intensity (6 or 12 hours a week).

Do I have to pay for the advice I get from Huis van het Nederlands?
No, the advice you get from Huis van het Nederlands is completely free. You may have to pay for the course however. We’ll examine whether you are eligible for a free course, so be sure to bring your certificates (OCMW, VDAB, disability, Onthaalbureau Inburgering etc).

I speak a bit of Dutch. Should I drop by Huis van het Nederlands anyway?
You can enrol yourself at the school of your choice if you have a recent NT2 diploma. At Huis van het Nederlands we test your knowledge and enrol you at a school.

What documents should I bring with me when I visit Huis van het Nederlands?

  • Bring everything you can think of – your Dutch diploma, OCMW, VDAB, Onthaalbureau Inburgering – and we’ll examine whether you need to pay course fees.
  • Valid ID or passport

Do you only speak Dutch at Huis van het Nederlands?
No, at Huis van het Nederlands we speak French, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish and Russian.

Does Huis van het Nederlands work with Onthaalbureau Inburgering?
Yes, to help newcomers we work with Onthaalbureau Inburgering, which runs integration programmes. These comprise a Dutch course, a social orientation course and individual guidance on the job and education market. Huis van het Nederlands runs the NT2 programme.

Dutch course

What is NT2?
NT2 is Dutch for foreign speakers.

Are there any special classes where I can learn to read and write Dutch?
From level 3.1 and above you can decide for yourself whether you want to follow a written course or an oral course.

Can I follow a course during the weekends?
Courses are on weekdays. You can choose for yourself whether you go to class in the morning, afternoon or evening.

When can I start a Dutch course?
Most courses start in September or January, but you can make an appointment to do a test at Huis van het Nederlands anytime.

I can only attend classes in the evening. Is that possible?
Yes, there are courses with classes in the evenings only.

Are there any woman-only or man-only classes?
No, basically all classes are open to everyone.

I would like to be in the same class as my partner. Is that possible?
You results of the tests you take at Huis van het Nederlands determine whether you are in the same class.

I’m not 18 yet? Where can I learn Dutch?
We advise you to drop by PINA-18.

Are there special courses for people with a hearing or visual disability?
Speakers of other languages with a hearing impairment can learn Dutch in Mechelen. Contact CVO Crescendo, Vaartdijk 86, Mechelen, Tel 03 575 16 86. There are currently no special courses for the visually impaired.


How much do Dutch lessons cost? Where do I pay?
The price depends on the school. You pay at Huis van het Nederlands, in cash or with a debit card. Bring all your certificates – Dutch diploma, OCMW, VDAB, Onthaalbureau Inburgering – and we’ll see whether you have to pay (max 106 euro).

Can I use ‘training cheques’ to pay for Dutch lessons?
Yes, employees can apply for VDAB-training cheques to pay for Dutch lessons.

Waiting list

I’m on the Open School waiting list. When will I be able to start lessons?
You will receive a letter from Open School saying when the course starts. If you change address, remember to notify Open School on 03 230 22 33.

I’m on a CVO waiting list. When will I be able to start lessons?
You will get a letter from Huis van het Nederlands as soon as a space opens up on a course that suits your needs. If you change address, remember to notify Huis van het Nederlands.


Do the schools provide any childcare facilities?
There are no childcare facilities in the schools themselves. There are various childcare options in the Antwerp District. OKiDO provides an occasional childcare studying service in Antwerp.

Can I take my baby to class?

Private study

I don’t have time to attend lessons, so I want to learn Dutch on my own. Is that possible?
Provinciaal Documentatiecentrum Atlas has a lot of resources to help you learn Dutch on your own.